HorrorClix is an undead game, kept shambling by the love of a rabid fanbase that has stuck with it throughout over a decade, most of which came after the last official release. The most creative fans have continued designing new content for the game and finding new and interesting ways to play.

  • HorrorClix Facebook Group - The most active hub for the HorrorClix community, with over 200 members worldwide.
  • It's Wicked Fun 2  - A mostly dead (for now) forum built from the ashes of the original It's Wicked Fun. This is a good place to post battle reports or custom figure ideas.
  • Fear20 Horror Viewing Room (AKA HorrorClix TV) - The official chat room of Fear20, which was originally called HorrorClix TV. It features a playlist of synchronized horror videos including shorts and full length movies so you can actually watch horror while you discuss it.

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