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HorrorClix on Tabletop Simulator: Here's How You Can Help!

Greetings, HorrorClix fanatics! Over the last 14 years, I've put a lot of effort into preserving the legacy of WizKids Games' incredible love letter to the horror genre. For the HorrorClix community to stay alive, it has to be as accessible as possible to newcomers and veterans alike. To that end, I've created a HorrorClix module for Tabletop Simulator, the hit Steam game that allows users to play any tabletop game online in real time.

Tabletop Simulator:
HorrorClix Module: 

Nearly every figure in the game is available, but we are missing many of the monster cards that should accompany the figures. Off the top of my head, I would guess that we only have about half of the monster cards scanned at the present time. By mousing over a figure you can see a summary of the card, but this is certainly not perfect. So today, I'm asking you for help. We need high definition front and back scans of the following monster cards:

Base Set

HrC-001 - Dog Soldier R
HrC-008 - Brine Witch E
HrC-009 - Brine Witch V
HrC-014 - Skeletal Maiden E
HrC-016 - Jester R
HrC-024 - Devil Imp V
HrC-025 - Constrictor R
HrC-029 - Shambling Zombie E
HrC-033 - Zombie Lawyer V
HrC-034 - Runaway R
HrC-039 - Mr Fright V
HrC-040 - Vampire Enforcer R
HrC-042 - Vampire Enforcer V
HrC-043 - Sorority Zombie R
HrC-044 - Sorority Zombie E
HrC-050 - Evil Leprechaun E
HrC-051 - Evil Leprechaun V
HrC-054 - Executed Convict V
HrC-059 - Deep One E
HrC-060 - Deep One V
HrC-064 - Matron Mother R
HrC-065 - Matron Mother E
HrC-067 - Vampire Hunter R
HrC-068 - Vampire Hunter E
HrC-070 - Tickler R
HrC-071 - Tickler E
HrC-072 - Tickler V
HrC-073 - Hook R
HrC-077 - Terror Demon E
HrC-080 - Nosferatu E
HrC-081 - Nosferatu V
HrC-091 - Tomb Mummy
HrC-092 - Blood Demon
HrC-098 - Blood Vamp
HrC-106 - Morgana
HrC-201 - The Widow
HrC-202 - The Mad Monk
HrC-204 - Dr. Henry Jekyll

The Lab

Lab-002 - Werewolf Orderly E
Lab-010 - Carnage-Bot R
Lab-013 - Brain Eater R
Lab-014 - Brain Eater E
Lab-015 - Brain Eater V
Lab-024 - Zombie Patient V
Lab-031 - Lab Assistant R
Lab-032 - Lab Assistant E
Lab-042 - Reptosapien V
Lab-043 - Candy Striper R
Lab-044 - Candy Striper E
Lab-047 - Irradiated Zombie E
Lab-048 - Irradiated Zombie V
Lab-049 - Proto Cyborg R
Lab-050 - Proto Cyborg E
Lab-051 - Proto Cyborg V
Lab-054 - Evil Cosmonaut V
Lab-060 - Morgue Attendant V
Lab-062 - Lab Gorilla E
Lab-065 - Plague Vagrant E
Lab-066 - Plague Vagrant V
Lab-069 - Zombie Trooper V
Lab-074 - Archaeologist E
Lab-077 - Muttering Igor E
Lab-078 - Muttering Igor V
Lab-080 - Vat-Grown Clone E
Lab-083 - Man In Black E
Lab-091 - Pyromaniac
Lab-202 - Major Harper


FS-001 Vampire Roustabout R
FS-004 Wildman R
FS-005 Wildman E
FS-006 Wildman of Borneo V
FS-007 Wolfboy R
FS-008 Wolfboy E
FS-009 Jak-Jak The Wolf Boy V
FS-010 Cannibal Clowns R
FS-011 Cannibal Clowns E
FS-012 Snack Pack V
FS-013 Escape Artist R
FS-014 Escape Artist E
FS-015 Voodini V
FS-017 Hungry Bertha E
FS-018 Big Big Bertha V
FS-020 Kuranes E
FS-022 Firebreather R
FS-023 Firebreather E
FS-024 Scorch V
FS-025 Zombie Ventriloquist R
FS-026 Zombie Ventriloquist E
FS-027 Morty and Chuckles V
FS-028 Monster Patrol R
FS-029 Monster Patrol E
FS-031 Knife Thrower R
FS-032 Knife Thrower E
FS-033 The Great Slicini V
FS-034 Carny R
FS-035 Carny E
FS-036 Skell V
FS-037 Snake Oil Salesman R
FS-038 Snake Oil Salesman E
FS-040 Undead Vendor R
FS-041 Undead Vendor E
FS-042 Southpaw V
FS-043 Freddie Von Bludd R
FS-044 Alex Von Bludd E
FS-045 Von Bludd Brothers V
FS-046 Officer 7 R
FS-048 Officer Friendly V
FS-050 Gypsy Seer E
FS-051 Madame Gehenna V
FS-054 Snuggles V
FS-055 Bat Boy R
FS-056 Bat Boy E
FS-058 Victorian Vampire R
FS-059 Victorian Vampire E
FS-060 Gerard V
FS-061 Fan Dancer R
FS-062 Fan Dancer E
FS-063 Crimson V
FS-065 Flying Monkeys E
FS-068 Zombie Strongman E
FS-069 Herculon V
FS-070 Animal Tamer R
FS-071 Animal Tamer E
FS-074 Firefighter E
FS-075 Big Red V
FS-079 Rabid Bear R
FS-080 Rabid Bear E
FS-081 Bobo V
FS-085 Elephant Man
FS-088 Fiji Mermaid
FS-091 Johnny Dead
FS-092 Bogeyman
FS-093 Cotswold Giant
FS-094 Templar
FS-096 Ringmaster
FS-098 Pierced Zombie
FS-200 Bull
FS-201 Miss Slyther
FS-203 Billy Stank
FS-205 Wacko Jacko Lantern


NM-004 Zombie Scarecrow
NM-007 Butcher
NM-011 Unholy Trinity
NM-021 Genie
NM-022 Zombie Tin Man
NM-024 Jack In The Box
NM-025 Imaginary Friend
NM-029 Zombie Drill Sergeant
NM-031 Archangel
NM-034 Gremlin
NM-035 Android
NM-037 Tommyknocker
NM-039 Giant
NM-041 Mime Monster
NM-042 Farmer
NM-044 Succubus
NM-045 Voodoo Priest
NM-046 Coven of Witches
NM-048 Inbreeder
NM-049 Shaman
NM-050 Santa
NM-052 Skin Suit
NM-053 Zombie Lion
NM-055 Grendel
NM-056 Amazon
NM-057 Pirate Zombie
NM-058 Ancient Mariner
NM-059 Dominatrix
NM-060 Zombie Dorothy

Please submit scans to Sarcanis via Discord, E-Mail or by posting them in the HorrorClix Facebook group.

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